Posts Tagged ‘Raspberry Pi’ is offering one lucky winner the chance to get hold of the much sought after Raspberry Pi low power and low cost computer.

This competition is for the higher specification Model B Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry PI - Low Power PC

Raspberry Pi Computer

See our previous posts on the Raspberry Pi and it’s Uses. and

In order to win this pocket sized computer you must do your best to impress us by your geekyness and creativity. You should comment on this post with a link to a youtube clip that you’ve created to say/demonstrate why YOU should win the Rasperberry Pi.

Your video content must contain our website address of and Raspberry Pi although there is no set way they are to be included. You could sing our URL, say our URL, have it typed up…..that’s where the creative part comes in! Your video could be you begging to win the Raspberry Pi, singing an ode to the Raspberry Pi, be you on top of Mt Snowdon with giant cards with words on etc. Have fun making the videos but please don’t do anything illegal or dangerous!

The Rules

  • You MUST be based in the UK as we will only ship this to a UK address.
  • Post your entry as a comment to this post and include the link to your YouTube clip.
  • Entries that don’t include our website URL and Raspberry Pi in their content will be excluded from the results.
  • All entries must be received by 21:00 UK Time on the 6th July 2012.
  • We will review the entries on the 7h July 2012 and announce what we thought was the most impressive video (content wise, not necessarily technically) by the 8th July 2012.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • The winner of the Raspberry Pi will be announced on the 8th July 2012
  • By entering our competition you agree for us to publish your youtube clips on our website

Good Luck and may the best clip win!

raspberry pi diagram

The Rasberry Pi can be a great computer for many businesses, schools and individuals. The Rasberry Pi provides a portable computing solution for a low price. It has all the features of a full-sized computer on a single chip. While the Rasberry Pi provides limited processing power, it’s can be beneficial for many applications. Read the rest of this entry »

The Raspberry Pi low power PC is a single-board computer developed by the British Raspberry Pi nonprofit foundation. Its main purpose is to serve as an instructional and teaching device for education settings such as classrooms. Its extremely small form factor and low power consumption, coupled with the extremely low prices for which it is offered ($25 to $35 per unit). As a point of reference, the Raspberry Pi computer system (both models A and B are in the identical form factor) is about the same size as a deck of standard playing cards. Read the rest of this entry »