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Samsung Syncmaster U70 7 Inch USB Monitor

The Aleutia U70 Low Energy USB Monitor stands out from the competition with its ultra-efficient energy usage. While most other portable monitors use anywhere from 10 to 50 watts, the U70 comes in at a minuscule 4.5W, representing a quantum leap in efficiency for such products and making it the most eco-friendly in its class. It achieves this without sacrificing quality; the 800 x 480 resolution is good enough for any task one might need it for, and astonishing for a product that uses so little power. It is USB-powered, meaning you can power it directly from a computer, and is DC, meaning there is no need for inversion devices or attachments to promote compatibility to laptops or desktops.

Other features of the Aleutia U70 Low Energy USB Monitor include its flexibility as both a primary and secondary display, thanks to its DisplayLink USB video transfer technology. It is large enough to serve as a sole display, but can also link up to a larger primary viewing source. It also has drivers available for Linux, Mac, and Windows; there’s no need to worry about whether your computer will be compatible!

The U70 is 18.4(w) x 12.4 (h) x 4.4 (d) cm, including stand. It has a weight of only 370 grams, or about 12 ounces. Its contrast ratio is 400:1, and it has a response rate of 30 ms. It comes in at a price of $147 or £99 plus VAT.

Update 17th May 2011: Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

NEC AtermWR8150N

NEC have released 2 new wireless network routers that have been designed to have 30% less power consumption compared to existing routers. The AtermWR8150N Series routers feature an ECO button, which when pushed will switch off all LEDs except the power indicator light. Supposedly switching off the LEDs saves 30% less energy. Read the rest of this entry »