Fit PC 2 Front

Fit PC have released a new low power computer to their range, in what’s the big brother to the Fit PC slim. The Fit PC 2 is essentially faster with the 1.1GHz and 1.6GHz processor options, as well as looking considerably more attractive. The Fit PC 2 has an internal 160GB 2.5″ hard disk drive, 1GB of RAM and a maximum power consumption of 10W!

Fit PC 2 Back

Some additional features include gigabit ethernet, 802.11g WiFi, 6 USB sockets, a miniSD socket, a programmable Infrared interface, DVI Digital output up to 1920 x 1080 through the HDMI connector along with the usual sound card with microphone, line in and line out sockets.

The Fit PC 2 measures 101 x 115 x 27 mm and weighs only 370 grams! There are a range of options, but prices start at £255 + VAT which includes an internal disk with Ubuntu Linux installed. WiFi, Windows XP, auto resume, and USB VGA are all additional extras that are available.

This is easily the best looking and most full-featured low power PC that I’ve seen so far!

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