Advent Eco-PC

In a rather respectable move, PC World has invested in developing their own eco-friendly PC called the Advent Eco-PC. Firmly aimed at the everyday computer user, the Low Power PC features an Intel Core 2 Duo T5250, 2GB DDR2 667MHz Memory, 160GB SATA hard drive, Dual Layer DVD Rewriter, WiFi and a 19″ AOC N19WB TFT display for just under £400. Oh, and it runs on around 25W of power!

In a wave of initiatives, the case has been made from 75% recycled materials, with minimal packaging; the PC has been assembled in the UK to reduce transportation costs and environmental impact; and the PC has a fanless design to save on noise and energy consumption. The PC also comes with Windows Vista Home, which has been pre-configured with all of the energy saving features enabled.

If you already have a monitor, the Advent Eco PC is available on its own for just £270.

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5 Responses to “PC World’s Advent Eco PC”

  • Craig says:

    You can only buy these refurbished (not new) now from PC World’s website. (which is what I tried and would strongly recommend people avoid doing in future.)

    I had a nightmare experience when dealing with PC World that I’d like to share. The quality control of their refurbished PC’s seems somewhat lacking and subsequent after sales is just as bad.

    The first PC arrived:

    * With a wobbly WLAN aerial.
    * No fuse in the plug.
    * In a bad state of cleanliness.
    * A dead DVD drive.
    * A knackered keyboard.

    After much hassle and delay with dealing with customer service and after many promised return calls I never received, I (eventually) got a new one:

    * With coke / coffee splashes on the DVI – VGA adapter.
    * A broken power connector on the motherboard.

    Again after much hassle in dealing with customer services I took it back to my local store who gave me a refund.

    I ordered originally on 19th November 2009 and due to delays and incompetence caused by customer service it was 11th December 2009 I finally gave up and got a refund.

  • Dan says:

    That’s a shame Craig. Did you tell PC World customer services about all your hassles?


  • Craig says:

    I sent a letter of complaint to PC World customer services and first of all had a response telling me they couldn’t open it (Word 2007, .Docx file) so I sent it in Word 2003, .doc.

    My next reply told me I could send the PC back for a replacement / refund. (despite the fact I stated in my complaint I’d already taken it to store and received a refund so they obviously didn’t read my complaint the first time.)

    Once I got them to actually read my complaint I was offered a £20 gift voucher which a) doesn’t feel to me like it makes up for the hassle and b) Is hopefully in the post on its way to me so I’ve still not actually got it yet.

    It’s a shame as I really liked the idea of an Advent Eco PC as it was the best eco friendly desktop alternative to an Atom (as it uses a Laptop Core 2) but my experience has put me off trying another one.

  • Arthur says:

    I won an Advent Eco PC in a competition from the Sunday post newspaper it wouldn’t go on no matter what i tried so after loads of hassle they replaced the whole package (PC,monitor,wireless keyboard etc) as i had bought another PC i left it for nearly a year unopened so i eventually got round to setting it up about a year ago and surprise surprise this also isn’t working i have tried over and over to get this fancy looking PC to come alive the closest i have been to getting it to work was the boot page (when the PC gives you options to start in safe etc) well i tried to start it and nothing happened i should have started it in safe but as i hadn’t ever seen it on (never mind the boot page) it had caught me of guard so i am no further forward.
    Can anyone help me or give me advise to what i could do?
    Thank you.

  • Dan says:

    I’m not sure what you expect us to do Arthur, as we just announce new low power PCs. We’re not a retailer, nor do we have any direct ties to one. I strongly recommend you chat to the manufacturer.


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