U110 ECO Wind Netbook

MSI have announced a new energy-efficient laptop which doesn’t compromise on performance. Their new MSI U110 ECO Wind Netbook, which supposedly runs for 9 hours on a single battery charge, without any degradation in performance.

The U110 Eco Wind laptop features the Intel Menlow Platform with Intel Atom Processor clocked at 1.60GHz, which is a compromise on energy efficiency with practical speed. The laptop features wireless, a memory card reader, speakers and comes in a variety of disk storage capacities from 80GB to 160GB. It sounds as if the netbook does not have a solid state drive, otherwise MSI would be touting that as a feature.

In line with other netbooks, it features a 10″ LCD screen and a reasonable processor speed. So it will only appeal to people who want a basic machine. MSI also claim it’s the “world’s most power efficient netbook”… well everyone seems to be claiming they have the most eco-friendly or power efficient laptop at the moment (Apple are claiming that for their MacBooks). Regardless what the manufacturers claim, we’ll decide for ourselves.

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