Low Power PC - Fit PC

The fit-PC Slim is a fanless low energy PC that’s about the size of a human hand (100mm x 110mm x 30mm), yet it contains an impressive 500MHz processor, 512MB DDR 333MHz memory, and a 60GB laptop hard drive! The computer is perfect for thin-client applications (where the server does most of the hard work) and for casual computer use (such as web browsing, word processing, email, etc).

Low Power PC - Fit PC

The fit-pc has been designed with the environment in mind. It contains a lead-free circuit board and a recyclable aluminum case. The power consumption of this tiny computer is between 4 and 6 Watts! Which is less than an energy saving light bulb! With such a small power consumption, the fit-pc is ideal for applications where you need a computer switched on all the time, such as a firewall, router, home monitoring systems, a home automation system etc.

Low Power PC - Fit PC

Despite the small size, it still has WiFi, USB 2.0 ports, a 100Mbps ethernet port, as well as support for sound with a headphone socket and microphone socket. So if you’re a light computer user, or you’ve always wanted to run a tiny home server, then the fit-pc is perfect! It’s pretty cheap too, costing around £250 in the UK, and around $200 in the US. Sadly us Brits pay a premium for being British!

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6 Responses to “fit-PC Slim – Small and Low Powered Computer”

  • alan says:

    where can I buy one of these ? also can it be powered by a battery ? ( laptop batter etc ?


    Who actually sells them ? theres so much crap on the web who shows he product and not the person who makes it ?

  • Dan says:

    Hi Alan

    There was no need to swear. The link to the manufacturer is in the first paragraph of the page. Namely http://fit-pc.co.uk/


  • Trin says:

    Hey Dan I know this article is over 2 years old… but I love this low power PC idea.
    Unfortunately there is a dearth of info on this topic. At least when it comes to user reviews and products. Amazon has a couple but the ratings are average.
    Any updates on this issue?

  • Dan says:

    Hi Trin

    Since low power PCs are such a niche product, sadly reviews will always be few and far between. Might be worth asking if fit-pc will give you a 30 day guarantee to test it?

    Kind Regards

  • adam says:

    We use about 20 of these; they’re good little boxes but don;t tax them too much. We use them to run wall panel displays in our NOC, so web browsers, cctv acpplications, rdp sessions etc and they cope nicely.

  • Kelly says:

    fit-PC is an awesome product!!
    I have 2 fit-PC2 (newer version of the fit-PC slim) and use one as a desktop, and the other one as a home entertainment center connected to the back of my flat screen TV in my living room.
    Its also a green PC -its energy star approved. so I save on power consumption.

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