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Aleutia now do a whole range of low power computers, from thin clients to real beasts. The Aleutia H2 is one of those beasts, featuring 4 x 2.33GHz Cores, 2x 2GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM, HDMI support, and all running at an average of just 36 Watts of power!

Although the average power consumption is around 40W, the peak usage can go up to 80W. However, that’s far less than a conventional quad core PC that could be using a power supply rated between 400W to 1000W. The power supply is a 12V 90W external power adaptor, which helps to keep the temperature down inside the PC.

Aleutia H2 - Insides

The Aleutia H2 graphics support handles 1080i and 1080p, Microsoft DirectX 10, H.264, VC1 and Mpeg-2 video decoding, and Blu-ray playback. Basically it can handle pretty much any graphics requirements, including hardware intensive computer games. You can also go dual head, as the H2 supports 2 x VGA or 2 x DVI (the latter is via a HDMI to DVI adaptor). The hard drives options are a Western Digital 320GB SATA-II 7200RPM Scorpio Black or a Western Digital 500GB SATA-II 5400RPM Scorpio Blue. Using these hard drives only adds 1W to the overall power consumption.

Other ports and sockets include 8x USB ports, 1x RJ45 port, 1x eSATA socket, WiFI coax socket, audio input and audio output. The Aleutia H2 supports Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 if you want it! Prices start at £549/$913 ex VAT or £631.35 including VAT. The Aleutia H2 can be shipped to anywhere in the world if requested.

Source: Aleutia Blog

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