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raspberry pi diagram

The Rasberry Pi can be a great computer for many businesses, schools and individuals. The Rasberry Pi provides a portable computing solution for a low price. It has all the features of a full-sized computer on a single chip. While the Rasberry Pi provides limited processing power, it’s can be beneficial for many applications. Read the rest of this entry »

SATA vs SSD Energy Consumption

Solid State Drives (SSD) are not an entirely new technology. They have gained notoriety in recent history because of their varied advantages as storage devices over traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD). HDDs are the most frequently used storage devices because they are, on average, 10 times cheaper than SSDs. Read the rest of this entry »

tonidoplug2 low power server

TonidoPlug 2 is a low power server both for home and small-businesses that will enable you to run your applications, photos, music, media and other files everywhere through mobile applications or a mobile browser. Read the rest of this entry »

The Raspberry Pi low power PC is a single-board computer developed by the British Raspberry Pi nonprofit foundation. Its main purpose is to serve as an instructional and teaching device for education settings such as classrooms. Its extremely small form factor and low power consumption, coupled with the extremely low prices for which it is offered ($25 to $35 per unit). As a point of reference, the Raspberry Pi computer system (both models A and B are in the identical form factor) is about the same size as a deck of standard playing cards. Read the rest of this entry »