Sheeva Plugin UK

It wasn’t that long ago that I reported on the Marvel SheevaPlug wall plug computer, well now the SheevaPlug is available in the UK from New IT. The SheevaPlug is basically a 1.2 GHz CPU low power computer equipped with 512 MB of FLASH and 512 MB of DRAM.

The SheevaPlug also features a gigabit ethernet connection and a very small physical footprint, measuring just 110mm (L) x 69.5mm (W) x 48.5 mm (H). The SheevaPlug is designed to plug directly into a power outlet to save space too. Since the main units have the US 2-pin style plug connector, the kit from New IT comes with an EU 2 pin power adapter, a UK 3 pin power adapter and a UK 3 pin power cable.

When I was looking up the power consumption, I found the consumption to be rated at a surprising 19W. The norm for power consumption in low power computers seems to be around 10W, so I was surprised that the SheevaPlug is rated higher than this.

Prices for the SheevaPlug start at £89.00 from NewIT and include a USB cable, an ethernet cable and the mains plug adaptors.

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